What Happens to Them? What Every Parent Needs to Know

Do You Know What Would Happen to Your Kids in the Event Anything Ever Happened to You?


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Legally Protect Your Kids in the Event Anything Ever Happened to You


You may be surprised to learn that in an emergency, your kids could end up in the care of someone that you would not have chosen. You may also be surprised to learn that in the event anything ever happened to you, without a written plan, a judge would decide who would raise your children, who would manage the money you left for them, how that money would be managed and that your kids would most likely receive it outright and unprotected at the age of 18. Few kids are mature enough to handle an inheritance at the age of 18. Not only that, but the money may end up lost to your children's creditors or a divorcing spouse.

But it doesn't have to be this way. In my free book, you'll learn the steps you can take to legally protect  your children and the money you leave for them.

In my free book you'll learn:

-   How to ensure your children would be raised by who you want, how you want, and with the values that are most           important to you

-   A simple, three-step process for choosing the right guardians for your children even if you and your spouse do              not agree

-   Common mistakes smart parents make when choosing guardians for their kids, even if they previously worked             with an  attorney, and how to avoid making these common mistakes yourself

-   How to ensure you leave enough to raise your children

-   How to ensure the money you leave for your children is protected from their creditors, predators and divorcing               spouses

-   How to make sure the money you leave is used to take care of your kids instead of the government

- And much more . . .


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