Chuck Roulet and his legal team keep it simple: we are all about helping you with estate planning, elder law, special needs planning, asset protection, or organizing your new business. By narrowing our offerings down to very specific niches of law in Minnesota and Florida, we are able to provide personalized attention and advice to suit your unique needs.

We help our clients preserve, protect and pass on their home and life savings through custom-tailored planning.

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To Learn More, Access our Free Consumer Guides and Online Masterclasses on how to protect your home and life savings from long-term care and nursing home costs, insider strategies that will make it as easy an inepensive for your family, and how to move from Minnesota to Florida by visiting our Free Resources Page.

Florida Snowbird and Relocation PlanningFlorida Snowbird and Relocation Planning

If you've become a Florida snowbird or relocated from states like Minnesota, Wisconsin, Michigan, or Illinois to areas like Venice, Sarasota, Bradenton, Englewood, or North Port, preserving your hard-earned nest egg is crucial. Enjoying Florida's favorable tax climate and avoiding taxes from your former state during retirement is a priority.

Roulet Law Firm, P.A., led by attorney Chuck Roulet with almost 30 years of experience, specializes in helping clients establish Florida residency and crafting customized estate plans that adhere to Florida laws. Their services encompass various aspects, including wills, trusts, asset titling, and advanced trusts for estate tax reduction. With Chuck Roulet's dual-state expertise and national recognition, we provide comprehensive estate planning and asset protection services from our Venice, Florida office, serving clients in Sarasota, Bradenton, North Port, and Englewood. We ensure that your estate planning aligns with current statutes, covers incapacity, and offers guidance on protecting your assets from long-term care and nursing home expenses, considering the legal aspects between Florida and Minnesota. 

Elder Law and Long-Term Care PlanningElder Law and Long-Term Care Planning

Protect your home, retirement savings, and spouse from the potentially devastating costs of long-term care and nursing homes. Attorney Chuck Roulet, with extensive experience in Minnesota and Florida, understands the urgency of safeguarding your assets, as medical expenses can easily exceed $100,000 per year. Over 70% of individuals over 65 require long-term care, especially with the prevalence of Alzheimer's. Without proper planning, you risk depleting your savings, losing your family home to the government, leaving your spouse in dire financial straits, and erasing your children's inheritance. The Roulet Law Firm offers personalized elder care plans, ensuring your home, assets, and nest egg are secure, and your legacy remains intact. We utilizes specialized strategies that dispel common misconceptions and provide legal, effective solutions. 

Estate PlanningEstate Planning

Chuck Roulet offers attentive, personalized service at every step in planning for your family’s future. Our comprehensive range of estate planning services includes:

Business ServicesBusiness Services

An important part of running a successful business in Minnesota is having a solid legal foundation. When you need help choosing a business entity,  Roulet Law has the experience to assist you. 

Wealth Preservation & Advanced Estate Planning

Your hard-earned wealth deserves protection, but without a comprehensive estate plan, it could be susceptible to various drains like taxes, probate fees, mismanagement, divorces, lawsuits, and more. At Roulet Law Firm, attorney Chuck Roulet draws upon over 30 years of experience to create personalized strategies that safeguard your legacy. Failing to plan adequately can jeopardize your family's future in multiple ways, from probate fees to estate taxes, creditor claims, and unintended asset distribution. By implementing tailored solutions such as revocable trusts, charitable trusts, and insurance trusts, we can help you avoid probate, minimize estate taxes, shield assets from lawsuits, ensure responsible inheritance management, and protect your children's financial interests. With a focus on customized protection, we take the time to understand your unique goals and concerns, offering a range of strategies from Bypass and Credit Shelter Trusts to Lifetime Asset Protection Trusts. Whether you prioritize tax savings, creditor protection, or a lasting legacy, we have the solutions. Contact our Venice, Florida office at (941) 909-4644 or our Minnetonka, Minnesota office at (763) 420-5087 to update your existing plan or create a new one. If you're not yet ready to proceed, we offer free resources, including a masterclass to help you understand the benefits of sophisticated planning for managing your affairs and ensuring your assets go where you intend.

Asset ProtectionAsset Protection

Don't let one lawsuit cripple your business. Contact Minnetonka asset protection attorney Chuck Roulet to learn about your options.