I don’t know if you remember this, but I was the personal rep for my brother’s estate. As I started going through the documents [that you created for my own estate plan] again, I could just tell how much more thorough and thoughtful yours were. I realized that had my brother’s will had a lot of the things in it that you had taken care of in mine, his estate would have been so easier for the family to deal with. It would have cleared up so many problems that we ran into because these things weren’t in there (in the brother’s estate plan prepared by a different law firm).

I could really tell how much more thought had gone into the documents that you had drafted for me. You had clearly thought of these things and they were far more thorough, and I went from going, “Oh my goodness this thing is so long” to “I see why everything is in there,” and I really, really, really appreciated how thorough and thoughtful you were when you put together my plan.