A family from Brooklyn Park talks about their experience with the Roulet Law Firm.

Video transcript:

I heard about Chuck and his firm through a presentation he gave to my MOMS Club - the MOMS Club of Brooklyn Park. We asked him to come in and speak with us about wills and guardianship for children. I found it exceptionally informative and was very intrigued to find out more what he could do for my situation and my family.

I'm very pleased, everything you said was basically as you stated and the forms were there, the language was as clear as it could be, and it was complete and much more than what I've seen in previous wills or what I've heard described for other estates.

I've had experience in legal proceedings before and I realize that they can be daunting and I swear the majority of stuff they don't use in English and working with your firm has been phenomenal because there is so much clarification and there's the layman's term description and any question we had or needed clarification on was immediately resolved.

I thought the hours were very convenient. We both work and yet we were able to come in for both meetings and get things accomplished in a timely fashion.

I thought that the process was very customizable and everything we wanted or didn't feel that was a need for us was easy to exclude or include.

I feel that there was a lot of concern about our not-so-normal situation and a little bit more sensitivity to around how to make things the same for all of our children that are involved in our estate planning.

You asked questions to make sure we understood what we were wanting to do and making sure it was the right thing to document.

I feel that we have designed a very comprehensive plan and it will hopefully make our trust and our beneficiaries and our guardians a lot easier to process if anything should happen to us.

I feel that overall our experience has been phenomenal. Chuck and his firm have been great in addressing all of our questions and our concerns and being timely and efficient in the processing of our paperwork and being able to resolve our estate planning in an exceptionally timely manner, even to the extent that we have done."

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