Thinking about your own passing can be difficult. It can be even harder to sit down and put your wishes for your memorial and disposition in writing. However, if you don’t, you may leave your family fighting over what to do.

If you talk to any funeral director, they will share stories of family members fighting in their office because they disagree on what to do and how much to spend. Some may want cremation. Others may want burial. Some may want to spend a little on the arrangements. Others may want to spend a lot. They may even disagree on burial, particularly if your family lives in multiple states. Even the best families, with the best of intentions, may find themselves arguing because they do not know and because they are dealing with grief and the stress of loss.

You can leave your family an incredible gift by taking the time to put your wishes in writing. Make it clear who you want making these decisions and what your wishes are. You can even make the arrangements yourself ahead of time.

Much of your estate plan is not done for you. It is done for your family. It is a gift you leave to those you leave behind. The better your instructions are, and the more you have in writing, the easier you are making it for your family.

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