A Connecticut task force is recommending that costs for court-appointed guardians in child custody cases be capped. The guardians are appointed by judges to represent the interests of children and make recommendations to the courts about visitation, custody and other issues. Many parents are complaining that the court-appointed guardians are wiping them out financially.

The lesson for Minnesota parents is that in the event anything ever happened to you, and you did not have short and long-term guardians in writing, it could cost your family thousands of dollars in court costs and legal fees to determine who should raise your kids. In the event your family disagrees about who should raise them, even if completely well-intentioned, the costs can soar quickly.

One of the biggest mistakes I see parents make is thinking that because they discussed who they would want to raise their kids with their family, that their wishes would automatically be followed. The fact is, unless you have it in writing a judge will decide. In order to save your family the time, stress and expense of figuring out who should raise your kids in the event anything ever happened to you, get it in writing. Your investment could save your family time, stress, and thousands of dollars.

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