Why Your Assumptions About the Law May Harm Your Family

Imagine picking up your morning newspaper and seeing pictures of you and your kids, partially clad, from inside your home. Now imagine discovering that these intimate photos of your family are for sale in art galleries in New York and Los Angeles. Such was the case for a New York family, who happened upon pictures of themselves in a newspaper review for photographer Arne Svenson. It turns out that Svenson had used a telephoto lens from a neighboring building to take surreptitious photos of the family and their neighbors and was now selling them.

The family sued Svenson for invasion of privacy. They lost.

The case is an example of how the law doesn't always follow common sense, and how making assumptions about the law may harm your family.

For example, you may assume that in an emergency, your kids would automatically be placed with family members. They may not. You may assume that if anything ever happened to you that your kids would automatically be raised by whom you want, how you want and with the values that are most important to you. You may also assume that your assets would go to who you want and how you want. The truth is, unless you have it in writing, a judge will decide these things based on Minnesota law – which may not be what you would have wanted.

Do you trust the law to protect your family?

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