Contract Drafting/Review

Leasing office space? Have other contract questions? We are available to review the contract or draft one of your own to make sure your rights are protected.


Business Law Services

You could be a newentrepreneur thinking about that first solo business venture or a seasoned businessperson needing a new airtight contract. You can count on us to look at your options from a legal as well as a practical standpoint to help safeguard your bottom line and advise you on how to protect your assets. We will work closely with you, your accountant, or any other financial advisors to arrive at clear objectives to meet your business goals. We will explain your options and the benefits and disadvantages of each in simple, easy-to-understand language.

New Business Services

Just as we do in the areas of wills and probate, we believe that the right choice of entity and planning for your business can serve as a primary method of avoiding or limiting future litigation. Litigation, win or lose, can be an expensive proposition and one to be avoided through techniques of preventive law.

We will guide you through the necessary paperwork and address shareholder agreements, buy-sell agreements, partnership agreements, and these business entity considerations:

  • Incorporation
  • Limited Liability Company (LLC)
  • Limited Liability Partnership (LLP)
  • Professional Corporation (PC) or Professional Association (PA)
  • Sole proprietorship
  • General partnership
  • C Corporations and S Corporations

Contact Our Law Offices

We welcome the opportunity to speak with you about how we can help your business as well as how we can assist with real estate and other nonbusiness contract services. Call us at (763) 420-5087 or e-mail [email protected] to set up your initial meeting. We look forward to working with you as you start your new business or safeguard your existing business.