How your business is structured can greatly affect the liability that your business is exposed to, and even the liability that you are exposed to personally. Consulting with an experienced business lawyer at the beginning phases of business planning and formation can eliminate the creation of an inefficiently and improperly structured business that provides you with a false sense of security.

Business Liability Protection Plans

Serving clients throughout Minnesota, the business liability protection team at the Roulet Law Firm provide clients with the experienced legal counsel and business advice that is necessary to form a legally sound business.

You can count on us to be constantly looking at your business' bottom line, whether counseling you through business formation, or advising you through other business law issues. Our law firm's business liability protection plan services include a Legal, Insurance, Financial, and Tax (LIFT) business review that encompasses all aspects of business liability protection, including:

  • Legal: Thoroughly reviewing legal agreements, such as business formation contracts, employee contracts, employment manuals, and other agreements to ensure documents are ironclad and to minimize the risk of future costly legal disputes or litigation. Additionally, we review your business structure to ensure it has the proper legal foundation to ensure the business is protected
  • Insurance: Advising you about the critical types of business and personal insurance that are necessary (and which types are not)
  • Financial: Thoroughly reviewing your financial systems, such as your budget and cash flow systems to ensure that your business is capable of making appropriate financial decisions in dealing with profitability, business losses and other financial matters.
  • Taxation and personal liability: Ensuring your business is structured for maximum tax savings while balancing the need for optimal personal liability protection

To maximize liability protection and facilitate the longevity of our clients' businesses, our law firm also offers business membership services, providing clients with ongoing corporate counsel through all their legal needs.

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