Administering Your Trust

Roulet Law Firm has helped many Minnesota families over the years by helping them administer a trust. We help trustees and beneficiaries with tax returns, drafting and recording deeds, obtain IRA and insurance annuities and other assets to which they may be entitled. We will ensure smooth administration of trusts for your heirs. Our team will make the process as easy as possible for you and your family.

Our Services

We can accomplish the following variety of duties without unnecessary delay and with utmost respect for your personal privacy and your family relationships.

Identification, collection, and determination of values of assets
Payment of all debts, expenses, and taxes from estate and trust assets; and submission of regular accountings
Advice as to disposition of jointly held assets, life insurance, and retirement benefits that pass outside a will or trust
Preparation of state and federal, gift, generation-skipping transfer, and gift tax returns
Notifying all heirs and beneficiaries of the trust
Communicating with beneficiaries

Benefits of Trusts

A trust has many benefits. For a single person, a trust avoids probate and avoids the need for a conservatorship in case the person is incapacitated. For married people, a trust can avoid the time, expense and delay of probate, and can reduce the estate taxes in their estate as well. Further, a trust can be administered quickly. A trust can be administered within weeks, whereas probate can take 12-18 months, and in certain cases, longer.

Roulet Law Firm is committed to assisting Minnesota families with trust and living trust administration. We focus on the efficient administration of trusts for our clients. We handle trust tax returns, trust management, and protection of assets. We also assist with regular documentation if the trust is under the court's authority.

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